Re: Connect SRK60 satellites with a switch


Connect SRK60 satellites with a switch



I am looking to connect SRK60 (one router, one satelite) and 2 SCR60 (ceiling satellite) and use a switch in the middle for better connectivity.


Assuming I have a modem from internet provider how should I set up the whole thing?

Should I connect the modem to the switch and than connect the router and satelites to the switch? No need to connect the router directly to the satelites? If so, should I connect the router's yellow port to the switch? 

I found the attached image in one of the manuals (not for the SRK60) and I could not figure out where the modem should be connected.

Or, do I connect the modem to the yellow port in the router and than the switch to the router like in the image (again, image does not show where the internet goes, in the router or in the switch).



Model: SRK60B03|Orbi Pro Tri-Band Business WiFi System
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Re: Connect SRK60 satellites with a switch

The SRR60 WAN/Internet port is the only link to the Modem, certainly when operating the Orbi Pro system as a router. Any wired connection on your LAN - this includes the switch, the SRS60, SRC60, computers and other Ethernet devices - connect to the SRR60 LAN port(s).

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