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Re: Connecting SRR60 to Comcast Business Gateway and Unmanaged Switch


Connecting SRR60 to Comcast Business Gateway and Unmanaged Switch

We recently purchased the Orbi Pro SRR60 mesh router with 3 satellites to extend the WiFi coverage in our small business. We have a cable modem (Comcast Business Gateway), an unmanaged switch (Netgear Gigabit), and the wireless router.


If I connect the modem to the internet port of the router, and the switch to one of the ethernet ports on the router, then I have internet connectivity but can't communicate with any of the devices on the switch:

Modem -> Router (Router Mode) -> Switch

Alternatively, if I connect the modem to the switch, then the switch to the internet port on the router, I am able to access some websites -- but not all:

Modem -> Switch -> Router (Router Mode)

At first I thought this was a DNS issue, but I'm guessing it's a routing issue, since there's no router between the gateway and switch.


It seems the only configuration that lets me access all websites, and all of the devices connected to the switch, is to place another router between the modem and switch, then place the second router in bridge mode:

Modem -> Router #2 -> Switch -> Router (Access Point Mode)

I feel like I'm missing something here. Is there any way I can connect the modem, switch, and single router together so that I can access the internet and connect to all devices (both wired into the switch and wireless via the router)?


The only change to the modem configuration was to turn off WiFi. The only change to the Orbi Pro configuration was to switch between router/AP mode and enable WiFi. The switch is unmanaged.


Thank you!

Model: SRK60B03|Orbi Pro Tri-Band Business WiFi System
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Re: Connecting SRR60 to Comcast Business Gateway and Unmanaged Switch

What gateway are you using? 

You're saying it has wifi which indicates that its own routing functions.

cascading routers is a recipe for issues (like you're running into)



what you put router #2 in line, what router is that? 

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Re: Connecting SRR60 to Comcast Business Gateway and Unmanaged Switch

I ended up resetting the router one more time using the Modem -> Router (Router Mode) -> Switch configuration. It took several minutes to come back online. Once it did, internet via the WiFi was working, but the wired computers on the switch still did not have internet access.

I ended up changing the DHCP range to and then the wired devices were able to connect to the internet as well.


I've discovered that it takes a significant amount of time (sometimes over 5 minutes) for the Orbi Pro to completely reboot. I'm not sure if this is normal or not. I think part of my problem was I wasn't waiting long enough and kept interrupting it before it was completely online.


As for the double NAT thought, I was thinking the same thing at first. But what was unusual is the devices could all communicate with each other (wired and wireless), just internet connectivity was limited. In my previous experiences with double NAT, the internet usually still works, but there will be communications issues between devices because they're on separate networks (as well as issues with port forwarding).


Hopefully the current configuration will continue to work. Then I need to just figure out the best positioning for the sallites.

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Re: Connecting SRR60 to Comcast Business Gateway and Unmanaged Switch


Remember that once you reposition satellites you will encounter a yet to be addressed problem. Upon reboot for any reason (loss of power, reboot, firmware update, most reconfigurations) the satellites reboot long after the main unit finishes its reboot. All of your distant WiFi devices that were connected to a satellite will lock onto the router and will not switch to the appropriate satellite unless they move around. Most WiFi things that don’t move (pc’s, printers, speakers, cameras, roku’s, thermostats, tablets that do not move, etc), particularly those that are more than a year old will be stuck with a poor connection to the main unit. Those devices will need to be power cycled off then on in order to find the stronger satellite signal. Some WiFi devices only need WiFi to be switched off then on if that is an option.

For that reason alone, do not set firmware to automatically update, or perform any remote reconfiguration, reboot or or firmware update unless you have someone on site to power cycle the WiFi devices that need to connect to a satellite for a strong signal.

Happy networking.

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