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Employee network - clarification needed

So, I ordered an SRK60 which will arrive today :-)

In the meantime I was reading the user manual and have a question about the Employee Network. Page 65 (bottom) of the manual states "When employee devices connect to the employee WiFi network, they cannot see other devices that are connected to the network and cannot access the local area network (LAN).".

Is that correct? If so, how can I have Employee devices access a NAS on the network? And what is then the difference between this and the Guest Network (other than the Captive Portal) ?

Thnx a lot for your help,



Model: Orbi Pro Tri-band WiFi System (SRK60) AC3000
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Re: Employee network - clarification needed

(new to this forum, could'nt find how to edit a post; so I am replying to my own post)


Just came across this post :


I must say this makes me indeed wonder what needs this Employee Network is going to meet ? What is the use of a network where those on it have no access to NAS devices or printers ???

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Employee network - clarification needed

I'm sorry but that is not really relevant... I do not understand the use of a second network with no access to the LAN. Especially as there is a third Guest network for that purpose. Calling this second network "Employee" is very misleading to say the least...


But I will answer your question: I would like to separate traffic from PCs, mobile phones etc... and traffic from TVs, Apple TVs etc... to optimally use both networks. But all devices need access to the same NAS server. So I need to put them all on the Admin network and basically I'm paying for an Employee network that I don't use...


I call this unfair and misleading advertising. I hope netgear will fix this in a future firmware release.


On top of this, the router is not working properly, see my other post


Seriously thinking to send the whole thing back...

Model: Orbi Pro Tri-band WiFi System (SRK60) AC3000
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Re: Employee network - clarification needed

@Case850 wrote:

Orbi & Orbi Pro do not support VLANs which is required to create multiple logical networks.

Please watch the following video to understand the concept of VLANs.

So far for considering others as idiots... Thank you, very much, Mr @Case850...

I know what VLANs are but you do not understand the point... Netgear sells this product as an easy to install solution, without the need to hire expensive ICT specialists to get it up and running. And then, you find out that they missed out crucial information in their marketing communiction. Any normal person would imagine an "Employee network" would be for employees that work day to day on premises, printing stuff and storing files on a NAS. But no. Netgear decided otherwise.

See There Netgear touts the ease to install, and mentions this "Employee Network" is only for BYOD devices, with no acces to servers or printers. Why do they not mention this clearly in their marketing?


BTW, still waiting for a response from Netgear on the other issue I have, being the router stuck with a solid white ring. Maybe you have has some suggestions on this, Mr. @Case850? That would help me much moret han your above comment.

(s) The Idiot.

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Re: Employee network - clarification needed

@Case850 wrote:


If you know what VLANs are how did you end up buying an Orbi Pro which has no support for VLANs?


Mr. @Case850, where did I mention I was looking specifically for VLAN or other? 

I just mentionned I bought this because it was touted as having three separate WiFi networks (in addition of Mesh, Backhaul, easy of installation, etc...). I am disappointed because nowhere Netgear clearly mentions that two of these networks are seriously limited by design and this is not clearly mentioned.


BTW, Please read and understand before considering other idiots, this is no fair forum etiquette. I posted two separate posts, because I have two problems(one for this issue, the other because basically the unit is not working). It is proper forum etiquette to separate issues in separate posts, so they can be followed up separtately.


And yes, the whole stuff is returning asap to Amazon.


Model: Orbi Pro Tri-band WiFi System (SRK60) AC3000
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