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Help Configuring Orbi Pro to Dedicated Fiber - SRR60


Help Configuring Orbi Pro to Dedicated Fiber - SRR60

Hi everyone,


My office recently installed dedicated fiber internet and I'm having issues getting the router to receive any internet signal. It's been tested by the ISP tech and was working, but when I tried connecting it to my Orbi Pro, no internet connection can be established. I received the following information from the tech:


Port 1 of the Ciena 3916s is up and active.

Tech was able to get out with the assigned IPs -




I've plugged in my ethernet cable into Port 1 of the Ciena 3916, and the other end into the "internet" port of the orbi pro. I then setup the orbi with a static IP with the information provided. Still, no luck getting internet on the Orbi. Tried several power cycles on all devices without any result. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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Re: Help Configuring Orbi Pro to Dedicated Fiber - SRR60

Please post about this over in the Orbi Pro forum:



Good Luck. 

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