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Re: Help with the correct setup at my home and Shop


Help with the correct setup at my home and Shop

So I'm hoping this is the correct place to get help here. It's been a while since I've had to do much networking and there are lots of improvements since then. I live in a rural area and only was able to get high speed internet with Verizon 5G home. Only problem was that the 5G coverage is about a mile away from our house. So I was able to talk them into letting me get it anyhow. Which one rep said if we live within a couple miles of 5G then it should still work. So it does. Not the best obviously. But it works well as long as your close enough to it. Which is where my problem comes in. My home is about 2000 Sq ft and L shaped. Also, I have a detached garage that I use as my 3D printer shop with lots of printers running 24-7. I ended up having to put my Verizon 5G modem in my printer shop. Then I attached the orbi router to that. And inside the house approximately 30-40 ft away I have an extended near the main TV. I'm gonna need another because I keep dropping connection on the other side of the "L" shaped house in the kids rooms. What I would like to know is what is the best router and satellite combo for my setup? If I need, I can run an ethernet underground from my shop to the house and directly connect the router and the satellite. If that's needed. Here is what I bought and have been using....

NETGEAR Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini Mesh System (SXK30) | Router with 1 Satellite Extender for Business or Home | VLAN, QoS | Coverage up to 4,000 sq. ft., 40 Devices | AX1800 802.11 AX (up to 1.8Gbps).

If I can get a recommendation on what the best way for me to set this up I would be greatly appreciative. I can get a new different router if I need and satellite. My sister may be better use with this one at her home that is smaller and dont have the need for great signal outside in a different building and also all through the house. Thank you in advance!
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Re: Help with the correct setup at my home and Shop

Would be good if you could draw up a diagram or top down lay out of your home and garage area and indicate where the modem is located and your proposed ideas of where the Orbi system placement would be on this diagram for us to take a look at.


30 feet or more is recommended in between SXR and SXS📡 to begin with depending upon building materials when wirelessly connected.
https://kb.netgear.com/31029/Where-should-I-place-my-Orbi-satellite 📡

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Re: Help with the correct setup at my home and Shop


I agree with Furry.

That said, I suspect you are going to need a bit stronger mesh system. There have been several iterations of better radio strengths since that (and my SX80). A lot of the hoopla is about those being able to distribute giga pop speeds that come from your provider. Neither you nor I have anything near that.

As Furry and the article suggest, construction materials and distance play a big path of what kind of signal the satellite will receive from the master. The weaker that is, the less the satellite can forward to your devices.

The cell signal determines where the 5G modem is even if you can mount an external antenna pointed at the cell tower. That external antennae with or without amplifier can massively improve the strength of the cell tower into the 5G modem IF your modem has ports for an external antenna. The 5GStore.Com is a great resource for cell signal amplification equipment, but let’s leave that alone for now.

I have concrete exterior walls, and some metal stud interior walls. Windows are your friend when trying to penetrate any structure, even wood frame which is much better than concrete or metal.

The goal is shooting signal from Master to Satellite via windows, but not at the expense of substantially greater distance between them, or a substantially greater distances between the Satellite and the devices you will want to access the Satellite.

It is well worth the effort to get the master Orbi to a window in your shop if you have one. Even if that means you run quality ethernet cables from the 5G modem to the Orbi Master and similar cables from the Master back to your 3Dprinter. If you have multiple devices next to the printer, simply add a simple switch and hardwire those devices. If you have mobile devices in the garage that need WiFi access to the Master that is not acceptable, that window location for the Master needs to be revisited.

A map layout with approximate distances, window locations, and construction materials would be helpful. If that map and other info does not look prohibitive, I would try using your SX30 and see results before buying another setup. Although I think you will probably end up there anyway, you will at least be marginally or completely operational while you research alternatives.

I do not know your location or it’s attributes impact on the feasibility of using the Starlink satellite system as your provider. It suited my open field in NH well in a heavily treed area that severely cut down cell signal between me and all cell towers. Starlink’s initial systems did not allow additional routers but I understand that this has been relaxed somewhat. The faster speeds and more reliable signal you can supply to your mesh system the happier you will be. But again, I would get the Verizon 5G as is up and running before venturing into external 5G antennas or an alternative internet provider.

One last thought regarding multiple satellites. Each satellite will seek out the best signal be it from the master or another satellite. You cannot control that connection, and while a clear line of sight Master to Sat to Sat might appear logical and advantageous to you, the Orbi Sat may connect to the Master through walls with only a “Fair” signal that cannot be improved upon without an updated/stronger radio version of the Mesh.

Looking forward to a map of some sort.
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Re: Help with the correct setup at my home and Shop

A couple questions/things. 

1. if you can run the wire from shop to home, go for it. Much better backhaul and it'd allow you to have the router in shop and satellites in home with the best backhaul you can get. Its not something you'll regret doing as its the best option for connecting buildings. 

2. is there a reason you're choosing the business class setup for your home? Tends to cost a bit more and isn't always worth the $ for home use if you're needing multiple satellites?

3. What actual speeds do you get from the verizon router? Its pointless to recommend the best mesh system if you're only pulling 40mbps. Then you'd be fine with getting an older system that you could add more satellites to for cheaper. But if you're pulling 150mbps (or even better) from the verizon box, it might be worth a better system. 

4. I'm a fan of the triband systems if you're planning on using the wireless mesh. The wired backhaul from shop to home is still the best option between buildings but once you're internal to the building, a decent mesh with the dedicated wireless backhaul is pretty solid and a better option than the dual bands when needing multiple satellites. 

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Re: Help with the correct setup at my home and Shop

Ok, I'm going to try and reply to all of you here the best I can. I really appreciate the help and how quick you were lol.
I'm headed home from a couple hour drive now so when I get there I will absolutely get together a map the best I can and show you all what I'm working with. I will use my measuring wheel to get some footages of things.
As for the other type of internet being satellite. I did look into this when we bought the house. But everything I found was limited as to how much data we could use. Being like 250GB yo 500 or less per month then being charged per usage which would not be good for us and all the data being used. Then I also have two teenage daughters....
So the 5G that I have from Verizon does not have any ports or plugs for extending signal unfortunately. If there is some other modem/device that I could purchase and use it on my Verizon account to get the 5G signal better I would be 100% for that too.
The previous homeowner used what is called AT&T fixed wireless. It's also limited as to 250GB I believe and only speeds of 10mbps I think. I can't recall the speeds I'm getting now with the Verizon 5G but I believe it was around 25mbps and a very high upload I thought at like 10. But, I will verify this when I get there as well.
Another thing is the back side of the home is a rock/stone wall. So I know that is crap for getting signal through. I can absolutely get a wire ran from the shop to the house and I believe I'm going to do that asap.
I have no idea why I bought the business version of the routers other than I assumed it would be better for what I needed. But now seeing how many different options there are out there, I'm sure there are many other better options. Not sure if they will be more expensive or not. But that's kind of what I was looking to find out also. I know you will need to see a map for any suggestions.
I have no windows in my shop. I found the best so far was to put the router up on a shelf close-ish to the house up against the garage door. This garage door is not insulated and I believe is aluminum. I will be eventually replacing them for insulated doors as I'm losing lots of air and now heat being it's getting cold.
I also tried to put the satellite in the bathroom window which is the absolute closest to th3 shop but it didn't seem to work well still yet.
I believe I got most of the information touched on. If you can think of anything else you need when I get home I will get all the info I can for you. Thank you all very much again! Hopefully I will get some great service eventually! Having lights that aren't responding and Alexas that are losing connections off and on due to this.
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Re: Help with the correct setup at my home and Shop

Okay I know this drawing is horrible but I hope it helps a little bit. I can get a full design if you need but u just did a quick freehand and walked out some footages for what's going on. I was very surprised at the footage from the router to the Satellite! I believe it's going to be best for me to route a direct connection from the first router to the sat underground from the shop to the house. Then from there maybe put another sat in the front room area to cover the kids rooms and that area that's dead currently. If there is a better set of equipment that would make things easier or better please let me know. And I guess I need to run Cat6?
Thank you all for the help and guidance so far.

It says only one attachment is allowed. I am attaching the rough mock up design print of the house. I'm going to send another reply with the wall inside the house on that back all that is large stones and mortar. I'm sure that is a bad signal killer! Lol
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Re: Help with the correct setup at my home and Shop

Here is the wall that shows in the drawing. Disregard any mess! We are cleaning it all up and painting the shelving then patching some areas. Then we are doing "whitewashing" on everything. The wife wants to do this so I'm just here for the ride and to keep her happy on these things lol. I just am a very tech nerd and I need all the signal I can get yall! Lol. Thank you all kindly for the help. I hope the crap drawing can help for now.
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Re: Help with the correct setup at my home and Shop

Did I reply to the correct areas here? I didn't get any comments back on the map I drew and the pictures. Just wanted to make sure I answered all the questions properly that were asked in reference to my issue. Thank you all kindly for your time.
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Re: Help with the correct setup at my home and Shop

Are you able to return the SXK30? 

Reason I ask, is if you're speeds are only that 25-40mbps, a dual band system will lose speeds when running on the wireless backhaul. When you already don't have that high of starting point, its more critical to maintain those starting speeds. 

If you can, I'd check into something like the RBK43/53 version.  Even though its an older AC system, you don't have the wireless speeds that are going to max it out. That'd give you a router to put in the garage to connect the verizon box to and then hardwire in a satellite in the home. Then you could put the other satellite (or more if you needed) in the home somewhere to run off the dedicated backhaul. The triband setups tend to preserve the speed better because of their dedicated wireless backhaul versus shared fronthaul/backhaul of the dual band systems. 

If you can't return it, I'd check into using a wired backhaul in the home to connect the satellites. A wired backhaul is always going to be the best but it doesn't always work. 

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Re: Help with the correct setup at my home and Shop

I am not sure if I can return it. So, I have decided to run a dedicated line from the router in the shop to inside the house at the least. It's going to be around 75 or 80 ft maybe.
So, you think my best bet would be to get the router and satellites you mentioned still with running wired here?
Another question, I can not believe the amount of different cables there are out now! So what would be the best for me to run here? Cat8? Cat6a? It will be direct burial cable. Also, will the standard cat5 connectors work fine with these other cables or are they thicker pr different types of cable (stranded or something)? Then I will need to get some connectors for it. Will my cat5 crimper tool still work? It's been that long since I've had to use them yes lol.
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