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How to reset an Orbi Pro SRR60


How to reset an Orbi Pro SRR60

For a few months our Orbi Pro system (SRR60) would not install the latest firmware.  Then, after a recent cable company repair in our area, the router was not working properly.  I tried the setup as new option but that didn't work, however I was able to see and log into the original SSID.  I was able to change the SSID but it would not complete the setup properly.  I tried resetting the unit but even though it blinks red and then turns green after a while, I never see the SSID anymore.


Any tips?

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Re: How to reset an Orbi Pro SRR60



Welcome to the community! 🙂 


Have you tried to connect a PC/laptop directly hardwired to the SRR60?  If not yet, kindly try it then check if you will be able to access the web-GUI.  






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