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Insight Cost Post-Year One for Orbi Pro

Insight Cost Post-Year One for Orbi Pro

Hello, can someone explain the "per-device" cost of the Insight sub after year one?  Looking into purchasing the SXK80 (Orbi Pro Wifi 6 w/ one satellite), and want to understand if the client costs are for the Netgear devices (so two devices in the configuration I'm buying), or for all of the clients connecting.

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Re: Insight Cost Post-Year One for Orbi Pro

As I understand it, the price is the same annual cost for one SXR80 router alone (few would go that way, but just laying it out for you) as it is for you to have the SXR80 router with any number of SXS80 satellites. I think the logic is that Insight is really only configuring the router.

If you add an Insight manageable switch or other insight manageable device into the mix, you must pay for two subscriptions, 3 switches = 3 subscriptions. I think there is a volume plan for large operations.

The cost is incredibly low unless you have a lot of switches. User pc’s, phones, tablets, non-insight NAS, etc do not enter into the cost at all.
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