Low Signal/Speed Orbi Pro Satellite SRR60


Low Signal/Speed Orbi Pro Satellite SRR60

I have one Orbi Pro router and an Orbi Pro satellite. The router is positioned in the middle of the home and has a very strong signal. The issue I am having is with a satellite that I've positioned on the top floor. When I'm next to the satellite, the signal is very strong/speed great. When I walk less than ten feet away from it- the signal and speed drops to 11% of the speed it was closest to the satellite. There is not a wall or a door impeding the approx 8' space. There is a high pitched ceiling in the area that the signal is weak. Could it be the high pitched ceiling? I would love to use a laptop in that area but it's very splotchy and I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to fix it? Anyone have an idea why this is happening? 



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Re: Low Signal/Speed Orbi Pro Satellite SRR60



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Environmental factors can affect the signal of the WiFi. Have you tried to relocate the satellite to another place just to check if the radio works properly? Is it connected through ethernet backhaul or wireless backhaul?





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