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Re: Making Orbi Pro Better


Making Orbi Pro Better - Feedback Thread

I am starting this thread to allow all Orbi Pro users to stay focused on how Netgear can make Orbi Pro better.


Full disclosure. I have personally met with Nader (Product Manager) and JoshW (Netgear Support Eng.). The purpose of the meeting was to put faces with names and to discuss some of the concerns I, and many others, have expressed about Orbi Pro.


Nader and JoshW did share some insight into the issues we have all suffered and some we are still suffering. They assure me they are seriously working on our problems, but some problems are more complex than many of us can understand and will take time. None-the-less, I will continue to work with Netgear to help resolve some of the issues we have, and to see features added we all expect and were promised.


For now, we must wait.


I think it is safe to say with the recent firmware releases that all of our complaints have made a BIG SPLASH throughout Netgear and we will begin to see very serious firmware releases that address our list of problems and fulfill desired features.


For now, please keep the communication flowing. And as always, be concise, be fair, be realistic, respectful and try to avoid open-ended-complaining. If you have a complaint, it should ALWAYS include a recommendation for resolution.


I am not a Netgear employee, contractor or connected to Netgear professionally in any way. I am just an Orbi Pro user like all of you. My approach is to seek communication with those Netgear staff that can truly engage and make things happen.


I do have a daytime job, family, life and other responsibilities. So, my ability to live on this thread will be on and off. But I trust all of you will keep this thread alive and keep it FOCUSED! Too many times our threads become highjacked with completely off-topic discussions. Please try to avoid that.


I can assure you that Nader and others are watching our posts and discussing our post in their internal meetings. So, let us allow them to easily see what our problems are, along with recommendations and feature requests.


Have a great night and weekend….

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Re: Making Orbi Pro Better

I have applied the latest Orbi Pro firmware.


So far, I still see my purple light on the main Orbi Pro router. Indicating it believes I do not have an internet connection via AP Mode. It would be really nice to see this fixed. Clearly it knows it is connected to the internet via the Web GUI status screen.


Any status of vlans, syslog, and other requested features would be appreciated.

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Re: Making Orbi Pro Better

syslog is already added in internal building, it will be avaiable in next production release.

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Re: Making Orbi Pro Better



Can you confirm or request syslog also be enable wiht full verbose mode?



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Re: Making Orbi Pro Better

Version always shows NULL. After factory reset.


Need new firmware for Outdoor Orbi 

  • RBS50Y


Satellite RBS50Y Patio V0.0.0.0

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Re: Making Orbi Pro Better


This is normal behavior on RBS50Y,

We will seperate SMB and CHP FW on RBS50Y because of some new feature on OrbiPro,

If RBS50Y detect base is OrbiPro, FW will show, it will automatically update to SMB FW,

We don't release SMB RBS50Y FW to update server, so you see FW version is,


Check with PE, Outdoor SMB FW willl be finished developping and testing this Month,

and it will be available in September。

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Re: Making Orbi Pro Better

Thank You Evan2,


It makes sense. Look forward to the new release.

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Re: Making Orbi Pro Better

Would be great to see:


1. Individual Orbi node power control. To help avoid overlaps. We don’t always have control of Orbi node location.


2. Ability to control which Orbi Pro node is used for backhaul. I think everyone knows Orbi tries to force everything to the main router node, even though it’s not the best connection. As suggested to others at Netgear, why not provide option to DISABLE band/node steering. Or expose option to control RSSI-Db threshold used by steering?

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Re: Making Orbi Pro Better

Please add the ability to properly seperate multiple VLAN / SSID / guest networks and allow them to see other clients / printers, yet be seperated from the main private company network.  This has been requested for almost a year by multiple users.




Main Wifi 1 SSID "Corporate" - private password, closed private network.

Second Wifi 2 SSID "Guest" -  shared password given to clients, guest network BUT with the ability (checkbox) for clients to see each other and SHARE PRINTERS or open resources such as a guest file server, guest printer, etc. while NOT accessing the entire company's network.


Official rep on forums has said that this would be added many months ago.  Nothing was added.

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