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Multiple Orbi Pro WiFi 6


Multiple Orbi Pro WiFi 6

I would like to install Orbi Pro WiFi 6 in a parking area which has 4 floor levels.
Total area of one floor is about 12.000 sq ft.
There isn't too much traffic to handle and I was thinking of installing 6 satellites per floor.
My question is:
Is it possible that these 4 installations of Orbi Mesh System can have the same SSID on all floors so that employees should not worry about connecting to another SSID?
I did read the document but could not find an answer to this.
Thanks in advance
Model: SRK60B06|Orbi Pro Tri-Band Business WiFi System
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Re: Multiple Orbi Pro WiFi 6



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These articles below might help you.  Kindly access and read: 


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Re: Multiple Orbi Pro WiFi 6

@asefd wrote:
3 of the floors : 1 router + 5 satellites (+/- 19000 sq ft)
1 floor: 1 router + 3 satellites (+/- 12000 sq ft) .
These are underground parking floors.

Hard to provide a generic answer. This depends widely on the building structures, the layout of the garage one large almost open space or some puzzled parts, the building material (concrete one might guess), and then the coverage you expect inside of the cars (or not).


@asefd wrote:
Unfortunately I never received an answer frop Netgear support to help me choose the necessary equipment....
if the parking floors are an almost one open space, it depends again on the number of concurent users (mobile phones, cars, ...). 

With the parking floors are an almost one open space, it depends again on the number of concurrent users (mobile phones, cars, ...). what's the point to think about a wireless backhaul at all? To create a wireless backhaul on the mesh boxes, you still need a reasonable signal at the next box. And last but not least, the backhaul will run on one channel set.


We have a lengthy underground parking lot, about 150 x 12 meters in a light radius, no visibility from one end to the other, what I'm using as a test area. One AP at around half or 1/3 of the length can cover this space for example.


I would go towards a bunch of wireless AP from the business line, like WAX610/620/630, powered by switch with sufficient PoE+/PoE++, installed on a secured point where the office network space can be extended to. Wires for vertical _and_ horizontal distribution if required. All Insight managed, so you can extend your business network covering mutiple SSIDs (business with authentication if possible, guests with a portal, ....).

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