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New Firmware V2.5.1.106 for SRR60/SRS60/SRC60/RBS50Y(for Orbi Pro) Now Available!

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Supports Access Control and MAC ACL in AP mode.
  • Optimized connectivity requests to Insight cloud.
  • Supports the NETGEAR Insight app and Insight Cloud Portal version 5.8.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes certificate issue that blocked https login on Chrome.
  • Fixes an issue where the local browser UI returns a 500 error due to a memory leak. Note: If firmware update fails, reboot and try the update again.
  • Fixes an issue that prevented client access to the Internet. Note: We recommend you open MAC ACL and Access Control configuration and click Save to repair any incorrect settings.
  • Correct client information is now displayed in the Attached Devices page when clients connect to RBS50Y wireless 3.
  • Enhanced log messages for onboarding the device from the Insight Cloud Portal and Insight app

Known Issues:

  •  MAC ACL or Access Control can exceed configuration storage capacity with unexpected results in firmware version Workaround: Upgrade to, and then go to the  MAC ACL and Access Control settings and click Save to reapply the settings.
  • After updating router firmware, existing clients can be steered to the router because the wireless readiness in the router is faster than the wireless readiness in the satellite. Workaround: Connected clients might notice slower throughput or a weaker signal, which resolves when the user roams or reconnects.
  • Clients with hostnames that exceed 32 bytes do not display well in the Attached Devices page. To be fixed in an upcoming release.

Download Link:

SRR60 -

SRS60 -

SRC60 -

RBS50Y -


Firmware Update Instructions:

If the Orbi Pro is connected to the Insight cloud, perform a firmware update through the firmware schedule policy, or manually perform a firmware update using the Insight app or local browser interface.

To update the Orbi Pro firmware from the local browser interface, follow the instructions in your product’s user manual. To find your user manual, visit, enter your model number in the search box, and click Documentation on the product page. We highly recommend updating the satellite firmware first, and then updating the router firmware.

After updating to the latest firmware, make sure to update your version of the NETGEAR Insight app for the best functionality and user experience.


Additional Firmware Update Instructions for RBS50Y(for Orbi Pro):

The Orbi Outdoor (RBS50Y) uses different firmware versions depending on which wireless system you use. As of, RBS50Y detects whether the Orbi Router is an Orbi Pro system, and if so, automatically updates to Orbi Pro-compatible firmware.

If the firmware version is showing on RBS50Y, the system is preparing to update to the Orbi Pro-compatible firmware.

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Re: New Firmware V2.5.1.106 for SRR60/SRS60/SRC60/RBS50Y(for Orbi Pro) Now Available!

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