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Orbi PRO firmware release V2.3.0.0 problems

I have had separate SSIDs for 2GHz and 5GHz frequences so that I could force my computers to be connected via the fastest link. My Orbi system totally covers my house with the 5G WiFi network without any dead zones but, until I separated the SSIDs, the preferred automatic WiFi connection freguency was the low frequency one.

Everything was working great until the firmware release V2.3.0.0 was automatically pushed onto the Orbi system.

One day I found that there is a single SSID on the WiFi network.

Now, the Telnet workaround to separate the 2G and 5G SSIDs does not stick.

It works only till the system is rebooted. After a reboot, the SSIDs merge back together.


Reloading the previous firmware version  (V2.2.2.20) helped for a while.

To prevent the newer V2.3.0.0 firmware to be loaded onto the system, I diabled the automated firmware updates.

Newertheless, a week or so later, the system again had the latest firmware and a single WiFi SSID.



Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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NETGEAR Moderator

Re: Orbi PRO firmware release V2.3.0.0 problems

Hi Hollywood19,


Welcome to our community! Smiley Happy


Please make sure that the satellites are also running on the previous firmware before you disable the Auto-Update feature of the Orbi Pro. This function will always work once the system detected that the satellite is running on the latest firmware version.




NETGEAR Community Team

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Re: Orbi PRO firmware release V2.3.0.0 problems

For disable auto update,

it if known issue on, it still run FW update after disable auto update, and fix on

You may update to the latest FW,

 It allows separate SSID on the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz bands on the Wireless 2 profile.

Note: WiFi 1 and Guest protal WiFi don't support separate 2.4Ghz and 5GHz.

Download link:


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