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Orbi Pro 6 with 2 satellites connect then goes Magenta after traffic


Orbi Pro 6 with 2 satellites connect then goes Magenta after traffic

I've been running my Orbi Pro 6 3 pack from back in October and have always had this issue.  To get around it I've hardwired one over a powerline adapter to at least make the setup functions with two satellites.


My issue is everyting works just fine with the router in AP mode and 1 satellite connected inside my house however soon as I connect the 2nd Satellite I begin to have issues.  The second satellite is in my garage but it really doesn't matter where I place it on my property the same issue happens.  The satellite will connect and see to function but as traffic begins going through it it will go magenta and I can no longer ping it on the network.  It will eventually connect again but keep repeating the issue.


Router in AP mode is on 1st floor Dining Room

Satellite one is on 2nd floor office on the oposite side of house

Satellite two is in a detached garage about 30 to 50 feet away from satellite one.  I can move it to the other side of my house so its within 25 feet of Router but still seems to have the same challenge.


I also downloaded the debug logs from it twice that I have saved from the last time I tested this if that would help.  When the device is up for its short period of time throughput is rather good at least.  Wish I could say that with the powerline adapter.


Thanks for any suggestions.

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Re: Orbi Pro 6 with 2 satellites connect then goes Magenta after traffic

Although there could be something else going on, my guess is that sat 2 is connected to the base (or I router unit) not sat 1.  Apparently, you cannot force a connection - it is all automatic and says connect to the base regardless of proximity to a sat - unless the signal is vey, very bad.  There is a spec but I forget it - but techs can find in logs.  I found zero workaround even with firmware updates.  I bought the 2nd sat because I was told by level 2 support that the only way to get a good signal to my location was to buy a second sat that would dasey chain back to base - nope spoke and wheel unless a very, very poor signal is detected by sat2 (mine says fair but like yours cuts out, and most of my devices connected to that sat2 have "poor" connections even they are within 10 feet of the sat2.  No channel interference anywhere.  

To check what device sat2 is connected to use its IP address in your web browser, not insight. Since your base is in AP mode not router mode, I doubt that it's IP address is the normal default  --.--.--.1. You won't be able to change anything but will confirm the connection sat2 has.  Also any changes you do make (names etc) will be overwritten by Insight next firmware update.


I could not do this but it may be worthwhile in your case.  Turn on sat2 at the farthest point away from your base using a very long extension cord.  See if it then connects to sat1.  If it does, leave sat2 in place for a while testing the connection (good/fair/poor) of sat2 and also the devices connected to it.  If connections are better - in theory Netgear says they won't be, or at least stable, try slowly moving sat2 closer to sat1 leaving power on all units.  Device onnections quality, stability and speeds should get slightly better as you do this, but at some point sat2 will likely reconnect to the base.  If you go too far, you will likely need to power off sat2 and move it back a bit before restarting.  Check if connected to sat1 or base...  Hopefully you can find something that is better than what you have.  

You should try a reboot of system in that sweet spot location to ensure the reboot will result in sat2 connecting to sat1- if not move it further away and reboot.  Remember after a reboot the sats come on after the base so your devices will attach to the base until the devices move around and pick a sat.  If sat2 powers up much sooner during reboot than sat1 you might be out of luck and will need to use the very long extension cord trick (if it even works) every time you do software update, reboot after reconfigure, or lose power.


hopefully techs looking at your logs can give you better news.







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