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Re: Orbi Pro SXR30 - wireless channel selection


Orbi Pro SXR30 - wireless channel selection

Is channel selection done "automatically" in the Orbi Pro SXR30 or is there an option where I can select the channel I'd like to use (which seems to be standard on other routers).  I've stumbled on a way to set the 2.4g wireless channel, but only on channel 1 (the default is automatic), but I haven't found any way to change the 5g channel(s) on any of the 4 wireless channels.


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Re: Orbi Pro SXR30 - wireless channel selection

Appears you are somehow mixing up the wireless channel settings  and the four available SSID. The radio channel is variable for both the 2.4 and the 5 GHz band. However, all SSIDs or wireless "networks" operate on the same channel.


Wild guess is the confusion does come from the section named


"Change the admin WiFi network name, channel, or VLAN or add a WLAN schedule"


No, only one channel set can be configured. this will apply to each network.


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