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Orbi Pro SXS80 does not connect wired with router


Orbi Pro SXS80 does not connect wired with router

Hello, and thanks in advance for the help.


I've one SXR80 and 3 SXS80 satellites. All updated to latest firmware V3.2.6.102 and all of them connected wired to the ethernet network. The network contains a router to the internet a a couple of Cisco switches.

The router is working fine and it is connected to the Internet.

2 of the Satellites shows as connected wired with the router but 1 of the satellites shows connected wireless. Also, from time to time that satellite resets and all connected devices lost connection for a couple of minutes. The led goes blue, then magenta and then turns off and operational again. For some reason, I'm having issues only with one that refuses to connect with the Router.


What might be happening?

Wow can I check for the surrounding problems?

The ADVANCED -> VLAN/Bridge Settings window in the router shows that the 3 satellites are connected (blue) with the first ethernet connector (matching the physical connection). All "trunk" and all "1(Default)"

The BASIC -> Attached Devices menu shows two satellites in the wired section and one in the Wireless Devices section.



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Re: Orbi Pro SXS80 does not connect wired with router



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Just to confirm, are the three satellites connected to the same Cisco switch?

Also, you may try performing a Reset on that satellite having an issue or changing its network cable to see if that'll resolve the issue.


But if the issue still persists, you may try directly connecting the affected satellite to the router if possible.


If all else fails, there's a possibility that there might be a problem with the satellite itself and I suggest to contact our NETGEAR Support Team for further assistance here.





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