Orbi Pro WiFi System to Receive Insight Management App Support Feb 2018 #NETGEARatCES


Orbi Pro WiFi System to Receive Insight Management App Support Feb 2018 #NETGEARatCES

News from CES 2018: The Insight App will soon support Orbi Pro Tri-Band WiFI Systems - update coming February 2018. 


The new NETGEAR Insight solution provides a unified, single-pane-of-glass view of your NETGEAR Insight network devices with easy access to both product information and support. It is the answer to the once tedious setup and configuration of devices either in individual device GUI silos or via overwhelming device management tools created for complex enterprise networks. Insight changes the paradigm with its simple multi-device configuration and cloud-based remote access to empower small businesses to manage devices from anywhere.


NETGEAR Insight is available as either a mobile app for iOS and Android devices or as a Cloud web portal accessible from any internet-connected web browser. Key features covered in the Basic subscription plan include:

  • Unified wired/wireless network management with data usage monitoring and logs
  • Remote access with 24/7 visibility and control of all Insight Managed devices in your network
  • Instant automated discovery of select NETGEAR devices and all Insight Managed devices
  • One-tap device registration to simplify and streamline access to NETGEAR support options
  • Easy-to-use network configuration across devices using your mobile device
  • Firmware updates across all Insight Managed devices in the network
  • Full remote/cloud network monitoring and management with no additional cloud controller, appliance, or PC/server necessary
  • Email and instant push notifications and warnings on your network and device connectivity and network health
  • Easy click-through to NETGEAR support for your registered devices

The Premium subscription plan also includes Insight Cloud web portal access, Smart WiFi management, WiFi fast roaming, PoE scheduling and timers, and many more useful features.


 Insight Management Coming Feb 2018 to Orbi Pro Tri-Band WiFi PlatformInsight Management Coming Feb 2018 to Orbi Pro Tri-Band WiFi Platform

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