Orbi Pro firmware wireless 2 security problem


Orbi Pro firmware wireless 2 security problem

I have an Orbi Pro with single satellite connected using ethernet backhaul. I noted while running firmware that my normally secure via WPA2 second wireless network was presenting two versions of my named second wireless network with one being properly secured with WPA2 and the other being open. This alarmed me because I don't want to provide an open network via the second channel but rather expect it to be secured via the settings I made for that second wireless SSID. I figured there must be a newer firmware to fix this problem so I checked and indeed found Once installed, I was horrified to see once again that the second named wireless network was appearing once as a secure and a second identically named as an open network. I spotted these from both an iPhone and a windows PC. I tested to see if the network would really be accessible when open and indeed, I could join without password and access the internet from there.

How can this be? I now must turn off my second wireless network until Netgear fixes this. This is really startling to me and shakes my confidence in Netgear to secure our data. Even more alarming is that I chose to allow wireless 2 users to interact with my main network wireless 1 because it is one commonn working effort once people are credentialed in either wireless SSID. I did not ever intend for people on a surprise open wireless 2 network to be able to get into the full backend through a wide open security hole like this.

I reset the device to factor reset and was once again startled to see that as soon as I activate the second wireless network, place a WPA2 passphrase on it, and then look at the wireless broadcast that I once again see the secure version and an unintended open version. Beware, you may be sharing more data with the public than you expect with this flaw. Maybe it is because I am using ethernet backhaul?

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Re: Orbi Pro firmware wireless 2 security problem

You may get a more informed response from the Orbi "Pro" community forum. Users on this forum have the "residential" versio of Orbi.

I love my Orbi.
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Re: Orbi Pro firmware wireless 2 security problem

Hi MrHudson,


We do apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. This is already a known issue to us and our engineering team is already working on it. We may need to roll back the firmware to the previous version





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Re: Orbi Pro firmware wireless 2 security problem

If all satellites are wired backhaul, the Orbipro base and satellite will go into triband mode, there is an additional 5G interface bring up, WiFi 2 seperate 5G High is no security from satellite,


If there is a wireless backhaul in your network environment, it is in duo-band mode, the issue won't happen.

if you see the issue, please let a satellite wireless connect to base.


The issue is fixed on internal FW building,




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