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Orbi Pro firmware release: v2.2.1.210


Re: Orbi Pro firmware release: v2.2.1.210



Just to add to my previous message - I didn't look as close as I should have for the 'Subject' as it said "Orbi Pro".  Though I am having the issues I described it is not for the Orbi Pro but for the 'regular' model (RBK50).  


I do apologize about that.  Still, if anyone can assist with the HomeKit problem since the latest Firmware it would be greatly apprecaited.




Edward Walsh :-)

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Orbi Pro firmware release: v2.2.1.210

@everydave according to your own screenshot you attached, you do NOT have an Orbi Pro. The RBR50 and RBS50 are **not** in the "Pro" line of Orbi systems. They are consumer-grade, intended for home use, and maybe small business. Both lines seem to be uing as the current firmware release, but that doesn't mean both the consumer and pro versions have the same features. Only the Pro version seems to have a toggle for auto-updates.


It seems as though all the consumer Orbis have model numbers starting with RB*, whereas the Orbi Pros all have models starting with SR*. According to your screenshot, you are complaining about your consumer Orbi in a thread about the Orbi Pro.

My Setup | Internet via TC8715D Cable modem, Bridge Mode, 200↓ 10↑ | Wifi Router Orbi RBK50 AC3000, Router Mode, Wireless Backhaul
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Re: Orbi Pro firmware release: v2.2.1.210

@randomousity Yup...I have the home version...with the exact same firmware version number, and aside from "pro" no distinction between the two on the annoucment page which is apparenlty what I missed when I started this thread.


Funny thing though. I started this's been appropriated by and for others...yet here it is, weeks later, and neither of my issues have been addressed. It doesn't matter if it's consumer or pro or whatever else. Upgrading without user notification, if not conset, is rediculous. Doing so in a way that completely nukes the configurion causing your user hours of troubleshooting is negligent. Ignoring the issue once it's brought up is inexcuseable.

I'm sorry I missed the "pro" bit. Whre's any acknolwedgemtn of my issues? What's the excuse for crappy design and service?

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Re: Orbi Pro firmware release: v2.2.1.210

@everydave Yeah, it's an important distinction. Can you distinguish between, say, a Pixel 2 and a Pixel 2XL? Or an iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR? They might all have the same version OS, but that doesn't mean they all have the same features. Two laptops, one Dell, and one HP, might both have Windows 10, but that doesn't mean they both have the identical set of features, does it?


Also, you didn't start this thread. Netgear did. Your issue regarding the toggle to disable auto-updating hasn't been addressed because it isn't actually applicable to your model Orbi. The Pro version has that feature, and the consumer version does not. As far as Orbi auto-updating, that's actually a feature that gets talked about. When you first configure it, it tells you it auto-updates. Most reviews I've read about it mention that it auto-updates, which is meant to solve the problem of consumers configuring their routers once and then never updating them, leaving them vulnerable to all sorts of security risks. You consented to this by buying the system, configuring it, and connecting it to the internet.


I will admit that the updates aren't as good as they ought to be. But there are ways to address this. Back up your configuration, so if it gets wiped you can restore it. Did you do that? It's also possible to disable auto-updating, but it requires doing it from the Linux CLI over a telnet connection. Not through the app, and not through the web interface. There are probably multiple threads regarding how to do it. Have you found any and followed their instructions? Plus, there are other ways to deny it updates, like through your own DNS server. If you block the Orbi's request to the server, it can't update itself.

Generally, you'll find the most helpful threads and people for you purposes here, in the section for the home Orbi system.

My Setup | Internet via TC8715D Cable modem, Bridge Mode, 200↓ 10↑ | Wifi Router Orbi RBK50 AC3000, Router Mode, Wireless Backhaul
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Re: Orbi Pro firmware release: v2.2.1.210

Hello Everydave,


The support and engineering for the Orbi Product review the issues in their forum and can better assist. There is currently an open forum posting on this current Orbi Firmware release and recommend to post there with your recent Orbi issues.

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Re: Orbi Pro firmware release: v2.2.1.210

My Orbi Pro experience so far.


1. First, version 204 was very solid, with no obvious problems causing WIFI, Internet or other disruptions.


2. Orbi Product RBS50Y is still running build 204. Why has Netgear not yet updated this product? All other Orbi Pro (SRR60 and SRS60) devices are using 210.


3. I am now suffering several “new” problems. Google Assistance devices, Apple TV devices, and IP Cameras are now showing continued “disconnects” several times per day.


4. A very strange problem I have yet to fully diagnose and find root cause is; Devices at times obtain an IP address that is not part of any DHCP scope I use with my THIRD-PARTY Sophos router. I use a small DHCP Scope However, I use DHCP reservations for all my “known” devices. It is CRITICAL that each device receive the specific IP address I assigned via reservations, as the Sophos Router (Firewall) uses specific firewall security groups/rules to control what the devices(s) can do. If any devices use an IP address that is NOT the designated reserved IP, the devices will fail to function. Forcing me to investigate WHY, only to discovery it “somehow” obtained an IP address that is WITHIN the 192.168.0.x/24 subnet…BUT….is not the proper reserved IP. Now I scratch my head and wonder….WHO IS YOUR DHCP SERVER, which many IOT devices do not show. So, now I must find time to investigate this problem WHICH DID NOT EXIST prior to version 210. I suspect Orbi is running a DHCP server within its topology, ALTHOUGH I am running AP MODE….As everyone knows, the first DHCP server to respond..WINS…..So I ask Netgear to send this to your dev team and confirm “Does Orbi run a DHCP service, even when using AP Mode, and if the answer is YES…WHY?” And, before anyone ask “why not use static IPs”…I have many good reason. 1. I have 60+ devices and static IP management can be difficult. 2. Many devices are made CHEAP and will not last more than 2 years. It is very painful to change an IP camera or other IOT device and jump through the loops of reconfiguring its interface. DHCP gives me the EASY task of simply changing the MAC address in my scope and having a guarantee of the IP address. This method is also being used within MANY corporate environments today. I love my DHCP solution, and prior to Orbi Pro version 210…NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS!!!


5. I also observe Daisy Chain mode working against itself. There are times I observe a satellite choosing to use another satellite for uplink. But within MINUTES all satellites will prefer the router, and never look back to a satellite. This DOES impact speed performance. I have a satellite which is MUCH CLOSER to another Satellite that has an ethernet backhaul connection. And when the satellite uses the other satellite (via daisy chain)…I observe speeds between 400-600Mbps….But when the satellite is “FORCED” to go back to the main router (which is further)….speeds drop to 200-400….It is my expressed opinion that Netgear needs to loosen the stranglehold on satellites being force to the router.


Conclusion, so far I wish I could role back to 204…but we ALL KNOW Netgear Orbi will autoupdate back to 210 minutes later. Version 210 is the ONLY version that FINALLY allows the disabling of autoupdate.


And finally, still no vLAN support in AP Mode, still no ability to seperate BSSIDs for 2 and 5Ghz bands. Still not QoS for AP mode CoS tagging, still no SNMP to better monitoring Obi devices, and still no features that Make Orbi Pro anything close to a “business product”. 


And still “SILENCE” from Netgear.

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Re: Orbi Pro firmware release: v2.2.1.210

It's officail. Orbi Pro version 210 firmware has a BUG....It enabled a DHCP server even when using AP Mode.


Just got a new iPad pro today...exciting days. UNTIL I CONNECTED TO ORBI. Adjusted my Sophos with the new iPads MAC Address. (


But somehow the iPad is getting!?!?!?!??!


I disable the Sophis DHCP server, shut it down!!!


Renew the lease for the iPad...GUESS WHAT...Same IP....DHCP Server...."ORBI PRO".


Great...Now I am screwed.


AP Mode is not supposed to enable DHCP servers.


Netgear...FIX THIS ASAP!!!!!!


You are now breaking my network.

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Re: Orbi Pro firmware release: v2.2.1.210

Hi @Flash008


Could you please let us know if your Orbi Pro is managed by Insight Manager App?

Can we get the debug logs with following steps?
Enable debug logs from all Orbi devices
1. Go to each Orbi's debug page, http://ip-address-of-orbi/debug.htm

Then, reproduce the problem. Then do following after reproduced.
1. Visit all Orbi device's debug page http://ip-address-of-orbi/debug.htm again
2. Click "SAVE DEBUG LOG".


You can IM me the logs. We will take a look at this case.




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Re: Orbi Pro firmware release: v2.2.1.210

Hi @Flash008


Just wanted to follow-up on this. Have you had a chance to take the logs when you see the issues? 




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