Orbi Pro for a restaurant ?


Orbi Pro for a restaurant ?


I'm french (sorry for bad language) and i own a restaurant.

I want to give free wifi to my guest, but I have two requests.

I must keep a tracibility for all guest connected to my wifi (some log in a nas ?) it's a legal obligation in france.

I want, all my guest must like me on facebook to connect on my wifi.


Does the Orbi Pro include this ? if no... can you give me some more wifi system with my request.


thanks !



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Re: Orbi Pro for a restaurant ?

Hi @Xetra,


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


You can setup a Captive Portal for the Guest WiFi Network wherein you can setup a redirect URL (the URL of your Facebook page) wherein after your customers have agreed to the Terms and Conditions, they are redirected to the URL and have a chance to like your Facebook page.  As reference, kindly access the articles below:


What is Captive Portal, and how do I set it up on my Orbi Pro WiFi System?


Orbi Pro WiFi System - Tips, Tricks and Resources


About the logs of all the guests connected to the Guest WiFi Network you inquire, I'm afraid to inform you that there is no option to specifically generate only the logs all the guests connected to the Guest WiFi Network.  However, you can set up Security Event E-mail Notifications wherein the Orbi Pro will send you an e-mail of its logs of router activity.  As reference, kindly read pages 49-50 of the Orbi Pro user manual here.


If ever VLANs are implemented in your restaurant, what I would like to recommend you is either the WAC510, WAC720 or WAC730 access points.  The WAC510, WAC720 and WAC730 support VLANs wherein you can set a wireless network dedicated to a Guest VLAN (Guest Network).  Furthermore, these access points supports a feature called Facebook WiFi which is not supported on the Orbi Pro wherein you can provide customers WiFi access by letting them check in to a Facebook business page through a captive portal assigned to the Guest Network.  Kindly check the article below:


How do I configure and enable Facebook Wi-Fi on my WAC720 or WAC730 access point?


The main difference about the WAC510, WAC720 and WAC730 access points is that the WAC510 can only be deployed as standalone access point.  Whereas both the WAC720 and WAC730 can either be deployed as standalone access points or can be managed by a wireless controller.  


Another is that you can enable Syslog Server on the WAC510, WAC720 and WAC730.  You can specify the LAN IP Address of the syslog server (such as a PC) to which the access point will send the syslog files.  However, there is no option specifically select only the Guest Network on the syslogs.  


Also, you can monitor the WiFi devices associated with a WiFi network (example: the Guest Network) on the WAC510, WAC720 and WAC730.  


For more information about the WAC510, WAC720 and WAC730, kindly access and read their respective data sheet and user manuals on the links below:


WAC510 Data Sheet and Documentation


WAC720 Data Sheet and Documentation


WAC730 Data Sheet and Documentation





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Re: Orbi Pro for a restaurant ?



I just want to follow-up on this.  We’d greatly appreciate your feedback.


Otherwise, if ever your concern has been addressed or resolved, I encourage you to mark the appropriate reply as the “Accepted Solution” so others can be confident in benefiting from the solution. The NETGEAR Community looks forward to hearing from you and being a helpful resource in the future!





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Re: Orbi Pro for a restaurant ?

Hello Xtera,

Thank you for considering Orbi Pro for your business. The feature that you are asking about is on our roadmap for 1H of 2018.

please stay tuned and we will release this feature as soon as it has been implemented and passed all the necessary test and qualifications.


Orbi Pro Product Management

Model: Orbi Pro Tri-band WiFi System (SRK60) AC3000
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