Orbi Pro setup issues


Orbi Pro setup issues



Just got my SRK60 kit tonight, and have been trying to get get it set up for the last few hours. I was hoping that this would allow me to upgrade from current R8000 after a failed experiment with Ubiquiti recently.


1st the good news, initial login and firmware update went very well when direct connected to AP via LAN cable. However, after changing the IP address to static, changing Router to AP, and moving AP back to core switch it becomes completely inaccessbile via LAN. Interesting that per the LED guide, it does indeed have internet access (i can prove this by pulling cable from inet port, then it turns purple).


So after poking around when direct connected, not sure that the unit is going to work anyways even if it was accessible or serving up wifi as i also need:


1. true VLAN support (agree with OP here)


2. when hanging to AP mode to not lose all tuning ability on the unit, which seems to be a miss on a "Small Business WiFi" unit


3. the ability to clone the three existing WLAN segments and integrate them into the SRK60


If anyone is willing to help on connectivity, i would like to at least test this before retuning.





Model: Orbi Pro Tri-band WiFi System (SRK60) AC3000
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Re: Orbi Pro setup issues

Hi @d_rick


I understand that you need to implement VLANs as well as the other functions you have enumerated.  But as of now, the Orbi Pro WiFi System does not support it.  I suggest you to post this concern as feature request for the Orbi Pro on the Idea Exchange for Business board here.  In this way, the Orbi Pro development team can see what feature does Orbi Pro users wanted to be added to the functionality of the product.  






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