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Re: Orbi Pro update?


Orbi Pro update?



My Orbi Pro network started to perform very bad. Both wifi and cable is very slow. I try to reset, and re-install the system, but no change. The Orbi iphone app can't connect any longer, and was told by netgear that this is well known error after app update. But the Orbi's frimware is updated as well, and now I have the idea that something is wrong in the latest firmware.

Have this SRR60 / SRS60 Firmware Version

Anyone having similar problems?

Wifi and cable speed is low, and wifi jumos on and off all the time. Complete crap at the moment.




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Re: Orbi Pro update?

Hi, I have the same system and it is operating very well. I am not the "techy" person, but I have had to trouble shoot. As far as the app (smartphone) I think the Orbi pro is only managed by the Insights app. I think it separates the Orbi Pro vs the Orbi home version. To get access to the router via a computer browser, the IP address of your router works just fine. Another suggestion would be too reset the modem. Check with your ISP if they have problems. Not sure if you manually updated the firmware for both the SRR and the SRS......That is what I do.
Also, try flushing and clearing the DNS Cache. But start with the modem first. Cheers
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