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Orbi blocking sites in router mode


Orbi blocking sites in router mode

I ran my Orbi (SRK60 firmware V2.4.2.106) as an access point using Netgear dgnd4000 Router modem (ADSL2 connection) until it got fried in a lightning storm (all Ethernet ports died factory reset it still wouldn't respond). So I decided to use the Optus (ISP) issued router modrm (Sagemcom Gateway F@ST 3864), it was terrible would lose LAN connection every 20 minutes, the only fix was a reboot each time. Optus support was washing my time, they didn't know what a ping was, so I gave up there!


A bit more about my setup, i have two Orbi satelites (SRR60 V2.4.2.106) a GS108PE switch (used as normal gigabit switch), a NAS server (QNAP), an NVR (NUUO) and a GS724TPv2 sweitch. It's not really your normal residential setup!


So I bought a Netgear DM200. I initially set the DM200 as a Router gateway and plugged the Ethernet cable to the LAN (not WAN) port on my orbit Router; everything worked great.


I then saw that the preferred method is to use the dm200 as modem only mode (passthrough) and the orbi as a Router, this makes sense as the orbi has way more features. So I did this (but Ethernet from DM200 to Orbi router WAN port), but only certain websites worked. It seemed to block all https sites and many apps on my connected devices. I made sure the modem was only In modem mode and did a factory reset on my orbit modem but it made no difference. There's no DHCP conflict, the orbi is definately connected yo the internet, It's blocking certain traffic to all devices on the network. I tried adding https to unblocked services, as per Orbi-Blocking-Websites-Solved, but this didn't work.


I have now put the Orbi back to AP mode and reset the modern to be a modem router (DHCP server). However, I'd really like to use orbi as a Router and the dm200 as moderm only so I can utilise the extra features in ORBI such a VPN.


Any suggestions? I don't want to be reverting my setup too often as it's time consuming, i have to re-link a dozen wifi devices each time (tablets, laptops, mobiles, tv, watches, Solar inverter, vege garden controller etc). 


I am expecting to go on the Australian NBN FTTC (fibre tho the curve VSDL2) in the next few weeks. If I use the issued NCD (I assume modem only) i have to resolve this to use the Orbi router.



Model: SRK60B03|Orbi Pro Tri-Band Business WiFi System
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Re: Orbi blocking sites in router mode

I find it hard to believe I'm the only one having this issue!
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