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Re: Partial Use of Insight?

Partial Use of Insight?

Hello! I have an SXR80 and I'm using some settings that are not currently available within Insight (for example, setting the wifi security to "WPA2-Personal [AES] + WPA3-Personal").  I'd like to use Insight to remotely manage the router, but not have it impact the router's settings.  Is it possible to use Insight without it making changes to the router, or does activating Insight require it also manage the firmware / settings?

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Re: Partial Use of Insight?

Insight does have this capability to configure "WPA2-Personal [AES] + WPA3-Personal" aka. mix-mode e.g. with the WAC5xx and WAX6xx. looks like the recently added  mix-mode to the Orbi Pro does not reflect this. Might be a simple oversight in the internal device/feature profiles. @RaghuHR please investigate.

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Re: Partial Use of Insight?

Thank you both!  Also, please let @DaneA know;  He's been gracious enough to help look into this for me.

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Re: Partial Use of Insight?

The WPA2/WPA3 mixed mode is only supported in Standalone now. We are working on supporting this feature in insight.

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