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Planning New Church Network Infrastructure to use Orbi Pro and Satellites


Planning New Church Network Infrastructure to use Orbi Pro and Satellites

We need to replace our church network infrastructure and re-cable. Our needs are at least 3 SSIDs but preferably more (one of these will be for up to 175 users attending a service requiring general internet access from their mobiles, one for up to 10 staff mainly wired into the network and one for up to 30 in the Worship Team which again use mobiles). The footprint is about 70 m by 70m with a small upstairs area at one end. It includes a large auditorium and 3 smaller halls plus a number of individual offices or smaller rooms. Walls are mainly brick but with the current setup they do reduce range of the WiFi signals. Ideally the router would kept in a secure cabinet and may not have line of sight with satellites.


My gut feel is that we should cable from the router location to each satellite location and use backhaul but I am not clear whether there is any advantage in also cabling between satellites. What do others feel?


Also how far apart should satellites ideally be:

1) In line of sight of each other

2) With 1 or 2 walls in between each other

3) From the router if not cabled to the router (presumably only limited by ethernet maximums if cabled)


If we wanted cabling to all staff pcs what options do we have. Do the satellites have ethernet ports (how many?) and can they be connected to a switch or hub for cabling an office. How many ethernet ports does the router have for cabling (presumably 1 per satellite?)


If I need a fourth SSID would it be best to put a Third Party Access Point on the network to provide this rather than getting a second router? If I do have to get a second router can it share the satellites, or does it need its own, and would these need separate cabling?


How many satellites do you think we will need?


Appreciate your help. Thanks.


Model: SRK60B04|Orbi Pro Tri-Band Business WiFi System
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Re: Planning New Church Network Infrastructure to use Orbi Pro and Satellites

There is a Orbi Pro fourm which will be more informational to post in:



Generally, 30 feet is recommended in between RBR and RBS to begin with depending upon building materials when wirelessly connected. This may differ with Orbi Pro. 


Good Luck. 

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