RBK852 Vs SXK80


RBK852 Vs SXK80

Some of key differences between RBK852 and SXK80


1) Both Base(SXR80) and Satellite(SXS80)  have 2.5Gbps ethernet ports.

2) WPA2-Enterprise

3) 4 SSID vs 2 SSID

4) Access point mode. that allows north-bound packet tagging.

5) VLAN tagging per SSID.

6) Can configure wired ports as Access or Trunk ports

7) Can configure up to 5 LAN networks (5 DHCP servers, one each on for upto 5 VLANs)

5) If 100% of wired backhaul is used.  then all three radios can be configured to service wireless clients.

6) Per SSID bandwidth management.

7) ability to use change the WAN port from 2.5Gbps to 1 Gbps, so that you can free up the 2.5Gbps port for LAN ( faster connection for servers, 3-D printers, NAS on LAN side )

8) Guest SSID has captive portal feature with splash page.

9) Insight manager  (currently SXK80 comes with 1 year subscription). But Insight management is not mandatory. Local UI has lot more features enabled.

10)  WPA3-enterprise and LAG on LAN ports is coming in firmware updates.


While RBK852 has services like Circle and Armor.  These features are absent in SXK80.


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