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Re: SRS60 Factory Reset fails


SRS60 Factory Reset fails

Have a NETGEAR Orbi Pro Tri-Band WiFi System (SRK60) - Had one Router and one satelitte, tried to add a second Satillite.   The new Satellite was added with no issues.  However, it appears my original Satelitte will not play nicely now.   As a result, I have tried to factory reset it, but the satelitte will not factory reset.   And if I leave the satelitte alone, even though I remoive it from my Orbi Dashboard, it somehow is able to reconnet and continue to cause problems with poor connection status (Turns purple), slow rates, and eventurally disconnects, even though I have tried to factory reset numerous times now. 


How to factory reset when supressing the factory reset button for 10secs, letting it go does not work (Will not initiate repeating amber lights).  When you push the reset button, a solid Amber light appears, then when yuo release it, the system turns off on, and boots up as though you simply turned it off...you never get to solid white light.  It goes to solid blue, purple or off every time.    Also how to you prevent it from enageing the Mesh network. I have remvoed it from the dashboard, but seems to override it continuously. 

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Re: SRS60 Factory Reset fails

If I am correct, this product is an Obri "Pro", which has a separate community forum:

https://community.netgear.com/t5/Orbi-Pro-WiFi-for-Small-Business/bd-p/en-business-pro-wifi where the forum members may have more information regarding the product.  You might want to post there.


With the residential model Orbi, sometimes I have to hold the end of my paperclip in that tiny Reset hole for longer than 10 seconds to get the power LED to turn amber and then begin to flash.

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