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SXR80 Orbi Pro Ethernet Ports Not Working


SXR80 Orbi Pro Ethernet Ports Not Working

Hi - 



  • One SXR80 Orbi Pro Router with the latest firmware installed
  • Three SXS80 Orbi Satellites with the latest firmware installed
  • Wifi network works fine and connects to internet
  • Three satellites register work properly
  • Have to use VLAN ID=201 for WAN connection (over trunk link) b/c CenturyLink gigabit requires it.  It is a PPPoE connection as required as well.
  • I have changed no other settings from default settings after a factory re-boot after installing the latest firmware.



  • I cannot access the internet from ANY of the four ethernet ports on router, but when i try to access the internet using the same computer over WIFI (coming from the router) it works fine.  My ethernet cable works fine as well.
  • The router registers an "intranet" ethernet connection as does my computer, but it does not provide any access to the outside internet.


  • What am I missing?  Is there a setting somewhere that blocks wired ethernet connections but allows for WIFI internet connections?
  • Could I have a router with defective ethernet ports (like that somehow did not get connected in manufacturing)?
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Re: SXR80 Orbi Pro Ethernet Ports Not Working

@RaghuHR several similar posts - either LAN ports not working, or wired backhaul not working, ....

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Re: SXR80 Orbi Pro Ethernet Ports Not Working

Could someone from Netgear technical support please respond?  

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Re: SXR80 Orbi Pro Ethernet Ports Not Working

What happens if you keep PPPoE on the ISP modem, use the modem and the host router, then connect the SXR to the modem, with out any PPPoE or VLAN configuration. Be sure the SXRs IP address doesn't conflict with the modems IP address if it uses The SXR should auto change. 


I'd factory reset the SXR and setup from scratch using a wired PC. You should be able to see the setup wizard at in a web browser on the wire connected PC. Walk thru the setup wizard and complete it. Can you again access to the internet after it completes? 

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