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SXS30 backhual ethernet wireles snetwork issues


SXS30 backhual ethernet wireles snetwork issues


SXS30 hooked via Ethernet advertises all wireless networks but only the admin network will give access to internet,

These are Chrome books and most of them have access via admin.

At one time the vlan 20 name cogels worked.

Firm ware is V. on all three devices

one sat is wireless connected and does not have this issue only the wired connect one via netgear switch.

Even guest will not give them IP address or allow internet access. most likely because chrome book will not give them the password screen to enter.


I must have missed a configuration somewhere.

every device that is attached to the sat that's is wired also shows up as a wired device in list devices.





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Re: SXS30 backhual ethernet wireles snetwork issues

Hi nitropower,


Welcome to our community! 🙂


It seems that you are having issues with your Orbi Pro. If you are connected directly to the router, does the member of VLAN 20 work? May you be able to share a screenshot of your configuration so that we may know where is the problem?





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Re: SXS30 backhual ethernet wireles snetwork issues

Connections to sxs30 using wireless back haul no issues.

Connections to sxs30 using Ethernet connection to the back of router no switch in this connection as suggested for firmware auto update that fails, only wireless 1 will assign a network address.

Lan connections via switch connected to the router all are lan 2  and function very well. All voip phones(4) also appear to function fine


Best Regards Bryan.


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