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Syslog format to use in Synology Log Center?


Syslog format to use in Synology Log Center?

My SRR60 has rebooted without reason (no firmware change, no power loss/on UPS, no WAN issues) in the middle of the business day and I am trying to set up a syslog server to capture persistent logs since rebooting loses all the messages that might be useful to debug the issue.


Synology Log Center has three formats: BSD, IETF and Custom.  BSD and IETF are filled with garbage characters making them almost as useless as no logs.  😉


Anyone set up a syslog server that can help me out?  


LAN: SRR60, 2x SRC60, RBS50Y

Clients: Mixed ethernet and WiFi

NAS: Synology DS918+

Model: SRK60B03|Orbi Pro Tri-Band Business WiFi System
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Re: Syslog format to use in Synology Log Center?

Hi LlamaLarry,


You can setup the syslog server by going to Advanced > Administration > Logs then enable the Syslog from there. You just need the IP address and the port of the server in order for you to set it up properly. Make sure that you have your syslog server ready.


You may also check the user manual here(page 132).





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Re: Syslog format to use in Synology Log Center?

Yes, followed all the Orbi Pro instructions in the manual but like the OP, I don't get any logs recorded by my Synology NAS. As the OP said, the Synology has several options for the log's interface/format and I've tried all the combinations but have been unable to get it to work. 


Orbi Pro AX6000 WiFi 6 Tri-band Router
Firmware: V3.3.0.122

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