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mesh WIFI environment by AX6000 (SXS80)


mesh WIFI environment by AX6000 (SXS80)

I'm thinking of building a mesh WIFI environment using several AX6000 Orbi Pro Wifi 6s in my current network.

(under using existing Router.)

It says that the communication between paired AX6000 (SXS80) satellites will be connected by Dedicate wireless connection.

Does this mean that only one internal IP is used for mesh Wifi?

Please let me know.

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Re: mesh WIFI environment by AX6000 (SXS80)

You still need the orbi router to connect to the system. thats what the satellites connect back to. 

And each satellite will have its own ip address

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Re: mesh WIFI environment by AX6000 (SXS80)

You still need a SXR80 "router" as the base station (mesh root), regardless if the system will be operated in router mode or in access point mode. to these, you can add up to six SXS80 "satellites".


Does your existing router support VLANs and about four dedicated networks (VLANs) and IP subnetworks to gain the full advantage of the Orbi Pro 6 VLANs and multiple networks/SSIDs?


The Orbi WiFi 6 backhaul can be built on wireless, a dedicated WiFi 6 radio with 5 GHz and a max link rate of 2400 Mb/s - or you can use a wired backhaul.


In case you have a wired infrastructure in your building permitting to place wired APs - ideally on dedicated links allowing to power the APs from a central installation point with a PoE+ switch, I would consider a different system like the Insight managed switches and WAX6xx access points.


Either way (Orbi Pro 6 in AP mode, or at least on the LAN side in router mode; or when using wire connected wireless access points, each of these boxes will have an IP address, typically in your 1st VLAN, required for management.





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