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Follower stop working after Mac OS Monterey upgrade

I have recently upgraded my Mac Pro to Monterey (Mac OS 12.0.1, Safari version 15.1). When I try to access my Orbi Pro router management interface through, it always prevents me from connecting to it with certificate issues. Does anyone user notice this issue?

Model: SRK60B06|Orbi Pro Tri-Band Business WiFi System
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Re: stop working after Mac OS Monterey upgrade

Any modern browser will show certificate issues - simply because it's not possible (Netgear has done this in the past) to include the real signed certificate and the private key on every device. All you can do is find the way to work around, like accept the certificate, and continue to the device local Web UI. 


Alternate, simply try the simple http as you are connecting on your local network only anyway. 


Based on the Monterey beta comments, people have moved to an alternate browser (like Chrome) to access servers with self-signed certificates.


Challenge Apple on how their securitywonderheads expect https to work nowadays on small devices like local stuff... Yet another new nightmare following the random MAC garbage (apple says private MAC) causing issues allover the networking world - and simply not required on your own personal/private/business network.




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Re: stop working after Mac OS Monterey upgrade

I am able to get in using a private window in Safari, otherwise I get into an approval loop that never lets me into the site.  

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