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Re: trying to change channel on 5Ghz


trying to change channel on 5Ghz

My SXR30 router always on channel 108  de status is on "automatique"?

It used to be  110 but now I can't change it and to change is not possible!!! The number 108 can not be changed.


The helpfiles says how to do it, but it is not possible because the button automatique and channel 108 is not changebel.

Restarting router, change nothing.


Someone idee how to do,this???




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Re: trying to change channel on 5Ghz

Page 240 of the user manual shows the 5G channel as 108 for Europe.


Page 93 mentions that available channels vary by region and country.


I have no idea what would cause the router to allow channel 110 at one time and not allow it at another time.



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Re: trying to change channel on 5Ghz

hello thx for reply now I see a bit more clearly.. yes I will read the manual -;)


I wanted to change because my direct,print of my new hp envy printer is disabled because it "sees" the 108 channel.

Now I lauched acrylic wifi analyser and I think the 108 channel is de backhaul channel, because I see a hidden SSID with channel 108. The ssid of my normal wifi netweork gives 4 channels (above 100) with 80Mhz width.

The printer is just besides the router, so I don't know why it's troubled by the 108 Channel. But I see also an ssid of my printer on a channel on the 2.4 Ghz band , do I think the direct print mist work on that channel.


My knolledge is somethimes to low to understand it. I made a wired backhaul between my router and the satelites because I thougt a wired backhaul is better than wifi. Is the wifi backhaul then of any use, I don't know.


I read that channel 108 is restricted because rader uses it too. Why Netgear set it backhaul then on 108? Strange


Anyhow I know more (or less) on the issue.Thx for your help greetings

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Re: trying to change channel on 5Ghz

Unlicensed WiFi radio regulations vary all over the world. (Much like which side of the road to drive on.)  Wikipedia has an article describing the difference between North America and other parts of the world:



Notice that channels 149-161 are available for use in North America and Puerto Rico, but restricted in power output in the UK and Europe (footnote 11).  The WiFi radio between router and satellites needs as much power as possible to get a strong signal.  That appears to be the reason Netgear chose channels 100-112 for the backhaul link in those areas.  (A piece of trivia: Although WiFi is identified by a single channel number (157 or 108) that is actually the channel used to broadcast management traffic [beacon frames, association requests, etc.].  This is done at the slowest signal rate which is recognized by every WiFi device on the network.  When actually transmitting data, WiFi systems combine channels to get a bandwidth of 80Mbps [four 20Mbps channels bonded together]


I think it is miracle that WiFi works at all.


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