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Adding orbi Voice to Orbi40 system

I have an Orbi40S system with satellites. I had a black spot in our basement for coverage I could not fix so bought the new RBS40voice for my son to use in that room. We also have an old netgear system running in our garage for an apartment. I simply cannot connect the new RBSV to the Orbi network. We have tried the Orbi app like the manual says and the orbi nighthawk app like Alexa says when it turns on. Neither work. The scan on the code will not read and when you try to do it manually it only wants to connect to the old netgear not the new orbi. Very frustrating. Best Buy will do it for about same as the system cost me to buy. Not cheap.
Model: RBS40V|Orbi Voice Add-on WiFi Satellite and Smart Speaker
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Re: Adding orbi Voice to Orbi40 system

The orbi voice has both extender mode and orbi mode. 

Are you sure you're not in the wrong mode? 


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