Just wanted to thank for the update that let the speaker be placed into an Alexa Echo Group.   That was one of the reasions that I purchesed the voice. I was disapointed that when I got the Voice that it wouldn't do that  but one of the up dates it is now cappable of doing that..  Just letting everyone know of this.  Just ran accrost it when I got a new got a new Echo Dot and was adding the Dot to a group..    


Thank you tech..::..   : )

Model: RBS40V|Orbi Voice Add-on WiFi Satellite and Smart Speaker
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Re: Orbi-Voice

That's true something has happend with multiroom speakers but ...

in my case Alexa ios/android app doesn't show that Alexa is connected to the same WIFI as others Echo devices and I have only one ORBI wifi network (in fact there is no such info at all). That's why I cannot create multiroom configuration.

I suspect that all your echo devices are connected to the Orbi Voice sattelite. Am I correct?


NETGEAR please implement Alexa communication.

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