RBS40v Adapter for NZ

Hi Everyone, 

I was hoping for some assistance with choosing a new power adapter for the RBS40V. I live in NZ and the adapter I had just packed up. Is there anywhere I can go for spare parts for this sort of thing?


I found a few (potential solutions), but I'm worried if they don't have the correct output that they might fry my smart speaker. the plug says the output is 19V 3.16A, but then also unsure in regards to the connector as apparently this is different to other netgear products? 


Exact match for the output req's, just not sure about the connector:


This one has a few options, but still unsure:

Model: RBS40V|Orbi Voice Add-on WiFi Satellite and Smart Speaker
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Re: RBS40v Adapter for NZ

As long as it delivers the right volts and enough amps with the right polarity (+/-), and the tip fits, any adapter will do.


The manual says:


"All regions (output): 19V, 3.16A DC output"

Something that comes with interchangeable tips would be good.


45 watts is a bit on the underpowered side.


19 X 3.16 is nearer 60 watts.




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