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850 - two satellites what precisely does "out of sync" mean?


850 - two satellites what precisely does "out of sync" mean?

RBR850 + 2x RBS850 V4.6.3.16_2.0.51 1~Gig fibre into RBR

I obviously understand the regular English meaning of the words "out of sync"! But I have two satellites, one of which on the web interface switches every minute or so between 5g-Good and 5g-Out of Sync. And then back again after another minute or so. On the ios app (which of course is pretty limited) it shows always as green. No lights show on the front (and it showed blue during set up). Even more mysteriously, all the computers, phones etc connected to that satellite (per the webinterface) work fine and with seemingly a good, strong, fast connection.


So - what does "Out of sync" actualy mean and should I be concerned? Or just accept that if I didn't look at the web interface I wouldn't even know that something was out of the ordinary?


I've tried: to do a manual resync (router/satellite - though I must say it is daisy chained to satellite #1), to reset, to do a 30/30/30 reset.


The only other clue - I had orignally bought just a router/satellitre pair. This satellite was added later, but in theory that shouldn't make a difference!


Any ideas?

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Re: 850 - two satellites what precisely does "out of sync" mean?


My Setup ISP SparkLight | Internet Cable 1000↓/50↑ CAX80 Modem Mode  | Wifi Router RBE971 | Switches NG GS105/8, GS308v3, GS110MX and XS505M | Additional NG HW: C7800/CAX30/CAX80/CM1100/CM1200/CM2000, Orbi: CBK752, RBK50, RBK853, RBK752, RBK953, SXK30 | NightHawk: MK63, MK93S, R7000, R7800, R7960P, R8000, RAXE500, RAX120v2, RAX50v2, XR450/500/700/1000,

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