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AXE11000 mangled packets


AXE11000 mangled packets

I work for a UK ISP.  We have seen packet drops on one of our BNGs due to malformed IPv4 packets.

Customers connect to our BNGs using PPPoE.  The session is established fine, and the customer has a working service.   On ingress to our network the PPP packets are QinQ encapsulated. 


 When we check the dropped packets we are seeing packets sourced from a Netgear Orbi (customer has confirmed this for us) going to the multicast mac address 01:00:5e:00:00:16 (designated-sbm according to IANA)


The QinQ VLANs are correct, but the inner tag has next protocol set as IPv4. However the following packet is IPv6, hence the malformed IPv4 packet issue. 

We don't have any relationship with Netgear, so I can't raise a support request with them.  Has anyone run into a similar issue at all?  I will also be having a chat to the customer to confirm if there is anything unusual with their set up. 



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Re: AXE11000 mangled packets

Can we ask what BNG is or means? 

What FW version is loaded? 

What is the brand and model # of the ISP modem or ONT that the Orbi is connected too? 


I would advise the customer to try the Orbi system on a non PPPoE services, i.e. DHCP to see if the issue follows.


Maybe some differences in ISP PPPoE and services used in your region version what is here across the pond. 

If there is anything deeper than troubleshooting options that have been already tried, you or you will need to have your customer make contact with NG support and open a support ticket to advise NG of the issue as this would be beyond forum help. 



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Re: AXE11000 mangled packets

Not sure if this would help but could always try it. 

Cable MSO (netgear.com)


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