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After update poor Backhaul


After update poor Backhaul

Hello, recently I've updated the firmware on my Orbi system to, but this update has caused both my orbi satellites to have poor backhaull as well as change the connection type to both 5ghz. I've tried messing around with the channels changing the 2.4ghz to 1,5,7,11 but it remain at poor and 5ghz connection. I've changed the 5ghz channel to 36,40,44, and 48, still no luck in changing the back haul status. Any suggestions or solutions? I was also wondering to make things run faster/ smoother should I change to a static IP address or disable the router as DHCP ?


My current set up: 


2 RBS850 Satellites:

Current modem is the cm1100 with a brand new coax cable.

Firmware version:V3.2.16.6_1.4.4

House sqft: 5,000ft 

The router and satellite distance are about 40 feet from each other. 

2.4ghz channel is set at 1, 5ghz is on 48

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Re: After update poor Backhaul

Try moving the RBS a bit close to the RBR? 


Has a factory reset and setup from scratch been performed since last FW update? 



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Re: After update poor Backhaul

I've moved my satalites to about 25 feet, and have done a hard reset. I still get poor backhaul and 2 5ghz connection.

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Re: After update poor Backhaul

I had a similar issue.


So I brought all the Orbi's into a single room, performed factory reset on all devices, and then performed a full setup from scratch.  Once I had them all working correctly, I then moved them to there desired locations, ensuring the RBR was as central to the two satellites as possible.


As I live in a large Victorian House with very thick walls, I eventually ended up having to hard wire all the Orbi Satellites directly to the Orbi Router!

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Re: After update poor Backhaul

Try swapping RBS around to see if one follows after the factory reset. 

What kind of building materials is your home made of if you know? 


When checking the RBRs web status page, make sure your waiting about 5 minutes for the system to update the status if you move the RBS around. 30 feet should be a good starting point. 

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Re: After update poor Backhaul

I am seeing the same issue on my AX4200 after the most recent firmware update. Prior to the FW update the backhaul channel strength was listed at "great" and now it's "poor" and the units have not changed location and are close enough that this shouldn't be an issue.

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