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Allowed devices cannot connect


Allowed devices cannot connect

I have an Orbi RBR850 and a couple of satellites. I have recently changed the config of my router for whatever reason, and now a couple of allowed devices are unable to connect.

I have selected the “Block all new devices from connecting” radio button in Advanced > Security > Access Control, and now my friend cannot connect with her iPhone.

The status of her iPhone shows as “Allowed” in green, after I checked it and chose “Allow.” The MAC address is correct, and the iPhone claims to be connected to the network and the IP corresponds.

We have tried rebooting the router and the iPhone, and sometimes on the phone, I’m the Wi-Fi settings say “Cannot connect to the Internet” (in Spanish, helpfully.)

What might I be doing wrong?
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Re: Allowed devices cannot connect

The most recent software on Apple and Android phones defaults to using a fake MAC address when connecting to a new WiFi system rather than the hardware MAC address.  Even if the customer selects the option "Use hardware MAC address", the next time software updates, it gets set back to "Randomize MAC address".  Pain in the (you know where).


A sort term solution is to set the phone to use hardware MAC address and get that MAC address "allowed".  Long term, it will happen again... and again... and again.


I (personally) find Access Control more trouble than it is worth and do not enable it.

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