Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

Devices on my network do not show up as connected


Devices on my network do not show up as connected

Hi Netgear team and nether community.


I successfully upgraded both my RBR850 series hubs and routers to this latest firmware ( with no issues applying the update to each of the respective hubs and routers in my network (both the app and the web interface show the correct firmware version). There was one of my 3 routers that didn't update, but a subsequent reboot of the main hub device and then applying the update fixed the issue. However, I have now noticed that some of the devices on my network (irrespective of whether it is wifi or ethernet-connected device) do not show up as connected on either the web portal or app IP address list of connected devices, yet these devices have no issues with their connection to the hub and can access all WAN services. I have even tried a reboot and a reset of the respective router units to see if this would resolve it, but with varying success. For some of the missing devices, the reset fixes the issue, but not all. However, once a reboot is carried out on the same router device (where the missing devices are connected with ethernet), some of the devices that previously were fixed, show up as disconnected again from the IP list of connected devices (yet they are connected to the network and WAN).


Is this a known issue with this update?

Has anyone else faced this issue? 

Is there a way I can fix this or downgrade the firmware to the previous version, where I had no issues?


Any help to resolve this would be appreciated.


Thank you

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