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Dropping Wifi on Orbi RBK850


Dropping Wifi on Orbi RBK850

I am running an Orbi AX RBK850 with two hard wired satelites.  The Orbi router is directly attached to the AT&T Arris BGW210.  I have worked with the AT&T techs to get the IP Passthrough set up and am getting fast fiber speed to the AT&T router and those devices wired directly to it.  The issue is the Orbi keeps dropping wifi signal.  The TVs that are directly wired into the Satelites are still getting internet connectivity.  What am I doing wrong with my setup that everything is working except the wifi on the router and both satelites.  Thanks in advance for suggestions.


Additional information:  I turned the 2.4 and 5 wifi signals off on the AT&T router but am still getting dropped wifi on the orbi router and satelites.

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Re: Dropping Wifi on Orbi RBK850

The Ariss BGW210 is also a router. If Orbi is set in Router mode then you should set the Ariss router in bridge mode. Please see the following article on how to bridge this Ariss router: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubiquiti/comments/b1x5l6/how_to_properly_configure_the_arris_bgw210_for/
On the other hand I still see that there is still an issue with wired backhaul in the Orbi AX firmware. In my case every 3-4 days all wifi will start dropping and I need to reboot Orbi to fix that issue. Orbi AX still works much better and is more stable with wireless backhaul than wired.
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