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Extending my home mesh network


Extending my home mesh network


I have an RBK353 mesh setup in my home but  I want to add an extra satellite as the coverage is not getting to all rooms (not big distances at all but I think it struggles with stone walls).  I want to add an additional satellite unit (RBS350) to boost it but they no longer seem to be available to buy.


What is the best way to deal with this?  Are the new model satellite units backwards compatible with my existing system?


Thanks for any help offered.

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Re: Extending my home mesh network

They're not. As far as I'm aware you need the 3 series satellite. 

And those stone walls would be causing your issues. Stone is great at blocking wifi. This will also impact the wireless backhaul between router/satellites. 

It might be worth checking into using a wired backhaul either through ethernet, moca adapters (ethernet over coax), or using powerline. Those have helped some to stabilize their mesh network when working with stone walls

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Re: Extending my home mesh network

Thanks for the info, much appreciated.  I will look into possible routes for the wired backhaul option and keep my eye on eBay for an additional series 3 satellite unit.


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