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Re: Guest Access to Attached Devices


Guest Access to Attached Devices

I have a guest network because I have some devices that cant support WPA3.  Any way I can set up to use WPA3 on the main network and WPA2 on the Guest network so that Guest can access wired network devices, such as printer etc?


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Re: Guest Access to Attached Devices

What model Orbi do you have? 
I believe Orbi AC series does not have WPA3 support at all.


Orbi 3/7/8 series systems have WPA3 support however don't offer mixed WPA2/3 support. We hope in the future NG will support this as the new Orbi 9 series does support mixed WPA2/3 support. 

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Re: Guest Access to Attached Devices

Thanks.  I have the RBR750 Mesh Router with 2 satellites (it's not in the dropdown list on this forum for some reason).  All work perfectly with WPA3 enabled and I have WPA2 on the guest network to allow some devices that dont support WPA3 to connect.   I wanted to give the guests access to my printer for example which is hard wired to the main router.  I also want them to be able to see NAS drives on the loca network.


I could go back to WPA2 on the main network so that all can connect but wanted to use WPA3 if I can for increased security.


There was some discussion about options to allow guest to see each other and access LAN devices but I cant see those options in my Guest Network setup.







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