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Help setting up Orbi RBR850 for use with CenturyLink IPv6


Help setting up Orbi RBR850 for use with CenturyLink IPv6

I have been trying to get IPv6 working for a while, but can't quite get it going. I am getting IPv6 information on my Mac's network TCP/IP settings, but when I go to test it out ipv6-test.com it only shows IPv4 as working. I have posted screenshots of all of settings and info here:


The RBR850 is hooked up directly to the fiber box. I turned off the CenturyLink modem, and use the Orbi router to connect to the internet.


I have tried putting the router into AP mode several times, but it always just bricks the router. Have tried it with the CenturyLink modem in bridge mode, and also with it disconnected entirely like it is now.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Re: Help setting up Orbi RBR850 for use with CenturyLink IPv6

The screen shots don't show any IPv6 info on your routers interface, 3rd image. On my 1st image all the blue obscured  areas contain IPv6 info which yours is missing. On the 2nd screenshot it shows IPv6 set to Automatically, is there a DHCP option?


On my series 7 Orbi and my PC the IPv6 web site test page fails unless I have IPv6 enabled on my PC's NIC and I have Auto Config set in the Orbi




Test passed



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Re: Help setting up Orbi RBR850 for use with CenturyLink IPv6

What Firmware version is currently loaded on the Orbi system?

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Re: Help setting up Orbi RBR850 for use with CenturyLink IPv6

I have Centurylink Fiber with an Orbi RBR850 hooked directly to the ONT. CL uses 6rd for their IPv6. OF WHICH it use to work really great until about halfway through the v3.x firmware. So if you are runnning anything in the late v3s to v4s it won't work well. Meaning, lots of restarts. Which, right now, is the only way I can find to get it back. NG knows about it and what is being done, who knows. Also Apple gear tends create its own IPv6 address. I have been using it for LAN networking for decades before they started using it on net.


CL's IPv6 Servers Address are universal. Use what I have in the screen shot and use default settings for acquiring the DNS.






Hope this helps . . .


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