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How to connect 2.4GHZ Devices


How to connect 2.4GHZ Devices

Hi guys, 


July 16 2023.


I tried the other posts that addressed this issue and had no luck. Even spent an hour on the phone with the customer service. I wanted to connect my MyQ garage door opener to the mesh but had issues connecting to the 2.4. 


Here is my solution if other posts didn't help:


1. Disconnect all the sattelites. Just leave the main router plugged in. 


2. Disconnect the wifi from your phone. Turn off auto reconnect. Forget the network. 


3. For devices that need 2.4 connection and you can't move the device (garage door 🙂 ), you have to block the antenna so the router is forced to use the 2.4. I had to get creative and it worked. I laid the main router on the floor and put multiple metal pots and pans over it. 




3. Login to the http://orbilogin.net.

Username should be admin and password is the wifi password you created. 


4. Follow these steps. Under advanced, advanced wireless setting, uncheck enable WMM advanced 5ghz and change the 100 to 25. Then click apply. 



5. Under Basic. Uncheck both Enable AX 2.4 and 5. Put the 2.4 on Auto and 5 on channel 48. Apply. 




6. Now walk 10-20 ft away from the router and connect to the wifi on your cell. It should connect to the 2.4, You can check what band is connected to under: Connected devices. Your phone should be connected to 2.4.


7. Connect all the 2.4 devices. 


8. Do the above steps in reverse. Enable AX 2.4 and 5. Apply. 

Under advanced, advanced wireless setting, enable WMM advanced 5ghz and change the 25 to 100. Then click apply. 

Remove the pots and pans lol; stand up the router. Plug in the satellites. 


That is it. Hope this does the trick for you. Otherwise from my understanding you need to upgrade to the 960 and it let's you choose which band to connect to. I didn't, because it took me a good couple of hours to reset all my smart devices (cameras, yale doors, ...) and reconnect to the new mesh. If I knew I would have spent the extra 200 and gotten the 960. 



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Re: How to connect 2.4GHZ Devices

I would have posted a question to this. we could have saved you the time. Thanks for the details though.


I recommend that you sign up for the forth coming beta FW for your 8 series. You'll probably find that you'll not need to use this process anymore. 😉

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