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Low/Erratic File Copy Throughput with RBSE960 Satellite & Intel I225-LM 2.5Gb Ethernet


Low/Erratic File Copy Throughput with RBSE960 Satellite & Intel I225-LM 2.5Gb Ethernet

An Intel NUC11TNHi7 PC with I225-LM 2.5Gb Ethernet connected to an Orbi RBSE960 satellite 2.5Gb LAN port exhibits low & erratic file copy throughput.


Instead of an expected steady ~130MBytes/sec throughput, the figure drops as low as 5MBytes/sec and fluctuates significantly during the file copy done via a mapped network drive of a file server.  See attached screen shot.


Tested system configuration:

* PC: Intel NUC11TNHi7 PC (BIOS TNTGL257 0064 - latest)

* PC NIC: Onboard Intel Ethernet Controller (3) I225-LM (Win11 driver:

* Orbi RBKE963 (AXE11000) Router & 2 x Satellite, FW: V6.0.3.85

* File Server: Intel NUC7i5DNHE PC (BIOS: DNKBLi5v 0074 - latest)

* File Server NIC: Sabrent NT-55SG USB-to-5GbE adapter (OS=Windows Server 2022, NIC driver: Aquantia


The PC is connected to Orbi RBSE960 satellite 2.5Gb LAN port via 15' CAT5e cable


The File Server is connected to Orbi RBRE960 router 2.5Gb LAN port via a TP-Link TL-SX105 5-port 10G/Multi-Gig Ethernet switch & 25' Cat6A cable


Attached screen shot displays the low/erratic file copy throughput.


For troubleshooting, I replaced the PC's I225-LM 2.5Gb Ethernet with a Sabrent NT-55SG USB-to-5GbE adapter (same model as used with my File Server) attached to a USB 3.0 port, and the file copy throughput is steady at ~130Mbytes/sec, which I believe is near the sustained throughput of the backhaul between Orbi router & satellite in my home setup.


Another change tested was to manually force the Intel I225-LM Ethernet to negotiate at 1Gbps full duplex, instead of Auto.  This prevents the I225-LM from negotiating the 2.5Gb speed but restores the file copy throughput to a steady ~110Mbytes/sec, which is essentially line speed for 1Gbps.


A separate test of the Intel I225-LM Ethernet connected directly to the Orbi RBRE960 router (via a TL-SX105 10GbE switch) yielded ~280MBytes/sec file copy throughput.


A second NUC11TNHi7 PC running Windows 10 PC was also tested in conjunction with the same Orbi RBSE960 satellite and yielded identical results vs. the first NUC11TNHi7 PC.


I would therefore characterize the erratic Ethernet throughput as an interaction issue between Intel I225-LM Ethernet and Orbi RBSE960 satellite at the 2.5Gbps link speed.  The I225-LM Ethernet and the Orbi RBSE960 satellite each by itself can sustain >1Gbps throughput at the 2.5Gb port, but when connected together, the throughput becomes erratic, and can drop as low as 5MBytes/sec.  It is difficult for me to tell which of the two devices (I225-LM or RBSE960) is responsible for the erratic throughput, as issue reproduction requires these two devices to be interlinked at 2.5Gbps Ethernet.



* RBSE960 satellite + I225-LM @2.5Gb: Low/erratic throughput

* RBSE960 satellite + I225-LM @1Gb: Normal throughput

* RBSE960 satellite + Sabrent NT-55SG (Aquantia) @2.5Gb: Normal throughput

* RBRE960 router + I225-LM @2.5Gb: Normal throughput


I would like to request Netgear to start looking into reproducing this issue with a hardware setup similar to mine.


Thank you,






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Re: Low/Erratic File Copy Throughput with RBSE960 Satellite & Intel I225-LM 2.5Gb Ethernet

Correction: The Sabrent USB3-to-5GbE Ethernet adapter is NT-SS5G, not NT-55SG.


Sorry I got "5"s and "S"s swapped...


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Re: Low/Erratic File Copy Throughput with RBSE960 Satellite & Intel I225-LM 2.5Gb Ethernet

Please make contact with NG support and advise them of this and what your seeing:



Thank you. 

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