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Re: ORBI RBR850 with ILIAD operator in ITALY - ILIAD BOX


ORBI RBR850 with ILIAD operator in ITALY - ILIAD BOX

Hi Guys, 


i'm trying to find someone that activated in Italy the new fiber offer with ILIAD. I live in Milan and today Open Fiber installed me the ONT and ILIAD BOX. I've already connected my ORBI system and all works pretty fine (only some lags in loading pages) but i'm wondering:


- to connect the ORBI I've reset it, restore backup, connected to ILIAD BOX and set the ORBI in router mode with dynamic attribution of IP and DNS

- I have not changed nothing in the ILIAD BOX side, only put off wifi when the ORBI was ready

- it works (fine) and the LAN seems not have any NAT problems because the IP range are always the same

- since yesterday I had Vodafone and to resolve some connection issue i had to separate Vodafone station from the LAN of the ORBI, set static ip in the vodafone station, put that ip in ORBI to get connection, set DMZ and so on (this because the vodafone station does not have a bridge mode, but also the ILAD BOX have the same "issue" I think, because I'm not able to find anything like that in the BOX webpage)


So, in your opinion also with ILIAD BOX i should set something similar to the VS or not? do you have some experiences to share, specially if you have a sort of guide?

I've had a look in the internet but the info are very very few about ORBI...

please, don't reply to this discussion only with some references to user manuals..


Thank you in advance guys!

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Re: ORBI RBR850 with ILIAD operator in ITALY - ILIAD BOX

What actual model gateway is it? 

I tried to look up some iliad boxes but everything was in italian.  

Sorry. Not very good at reading them. 🙂 

If its working well, you could be alright. Some gateways/setups tolerate double nat's better than others. 

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Re: ORBI RBR850 with ILIAD operator in ITALY - ILIAD BOX

Hi plemans,

Thank you for your reply!

Sorry, maybe I don’t know the answer.. the firmare is 4.5.5-pre3 and since the installation seems to be all ok, the plus now is I can reach the gateway because also it is under the same network.. I activate also dmz for my RBR..
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