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Orbi 960 AP mode question on hooking up Sat


Orbi 960 AP mode question on hooking up Sat

Have 4 Sat units and the base router.


I have been running in Router mode.   Modem = Router = Switch = Orbi Router (wan port gets dhcp from main router).  This basically works but all my devices are on network vs my default


In Router mode, I backhaul by having a dedicated  8 port netgear switch at my wiring hub and plug a cable from the main Orbi Router lan port to the switch and all the sat units lan port to this switch as well and it works great.  Note: this dedicated backhaul switch does not connect to my lan in any way, just between the RBR/RBS lan ports.


When I switch to AP mode, the dedicated switch mode does not work, the RBS units do not appear to want to connect to the RBR unit...?  Does anyone know why?  I was not sure if they were in fact connecting by not showing up on the orbilogin admin screen.


Lastly, one of the 4 RBS units is wireless, it is out on the porch to give us better wifi signal out there, in AP mode I could not connect it at all, pressed the sync on the RBS unit but it never sync'd, just turned purple each time.  Is there something I have to do to get it to sync wirelessly in AP mode?  It works perfectly in Router Mode.


I have the latest version of the firmware...





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Re: Orbi 960 AP mode question on hooking up Sat

Ok, so I assume that your ISP router has default 192.168.1.x IP range and when you connect Orbi to that router then Orbi will switch to 10.0.0.x IP range to avoid conflict. You mentioned that Orbi worked well when it was in router mode, was the ISP router set for DMZ forwarding, bridged, passthrough? Was DHCP disabled on the ISP router? If not, were your devices getting IP addresses from the 10.0.0.x or from the 192.168.1.x IP ranges?

Now you switched Orbi into AP mode, so the ISP router will be the main router, so you should remove the previous settings like bridging, passthrough or DMZ forwarding if any was done. Also you need to make sure the ISP router will provide DHCP addresses.

If this is correctly set then you will have all your satellites and devices working in AP mode as in roter mode.

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Re: Orbi 960 AP mode question on hooking up Sat

Hello EnvisionIT,


Welcome to the NETGEAR Community!


I understand that you are not able to connect your Orbi 960 to the RBS in AP mode. Please disconnect the Orbi satellites from the hub leaving the Orbi 960 plugged in. Then connect the satellites one at a time to the hub, then press the sync button on the back of the satellite. Please ensure that each satellite is able to successfully connect before adding additional satellites to the hub. 


Let me know if this helps!




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