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Orbi Ax4200 vs Nighthawk Ax6000


Orbi Ax4200 vs Nighthawk Ax6000

Hi - I can't get a straight answer anywhere - can someone give a low tech person a hand?

I got both the Orbi ax4200 and Nighthawk ax6000 (one person recommended one and then when I went to pick it up the best buy person told me nighthawk was far superior). What is the difference? Both are wifi 6, both are AX... I seem to be getting 10 percent better speeds with the Orbi which seems counterintuitive.

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Re: Orbi Ax4200 vs Nighthawk Ax6000

Compare the spec sheets over on NG download site for each model. Down towards the bottom you will see differences. Mostly the connection rates are different. 

Armor is now support on both 7 and 8 series Orbi systems. Circle is not as of yet. 



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Re: Orbi Ax4200 vs Nighthawk Ax6000

I've used (and still have) a Nighthawk AX8 AX6000 (RAX80), I probably was one of the first to receive the first AX router available on the market some years ago (preordered it a long before).

Indeed it performed very well and it alone covered almost completely my 3-level house.

But the problem was that in most of the rooms I was able to get only 2.4 GHz coverage.


Then I switched to an Orbi AX6000 system with 3 devices (RBK853).

With this system I was able to get also 5 GHz coverage in a large part of my house.


Now to choose between a single router and a multi device mesh system you should consider the area that is to be covered, and if you wish to get a 5 GHz coverage as wide as possible.

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