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Orbi Firmware Update Question


Orbi Firmware Update Question

RBR850 and RBS850 have been running for the last two years, location Australia/New Zealand.


Firmware version is, which is the original.  I get emails from Netgear from time to alerting me that a firmware update is available.  But when I try to download and apply it either through the Orbi app on Android, or through the Web interface from a desktop, no such update is detected, so there's no download; only the notice "No New Firmware Available".


Yet I see that the latest firmware version is - so an update does exist despite the above (and I've downloaded it).  So, in my case, the firmware update detection and download facility doesn't seem to work.


Question:  Am I safe in applying that update manually?  Are there any known pitfalls in doing this; or precautions I should take?


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Re: Orbi Firmware Update Question

You are correct.  Netgear releases firmware on the support web site, and a separate process within Netgear sets up the indication in the Netgear download servers to indicate that new firmware exists.  They are separate processes, and no one seems to know why they are not coordinated.


One opinion is that the support web site hopes to attract "early adopters" who will "rush in where angels fear to tread" and discover if the new firmware is OK.  (Another opinion is that there is simply no supervision.)


There is a huge thread on the forum discussing this new firmware.  Some users report it has "solved their problems".  Other users report this firmware has caused problems where there were none before.


My advice: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."  If the release notes do not scream out, "Finally, they have fixed the issue that has been bugging me," it's on you.  Netgear will probably force this new firmware on you anyway.


(Geez.  It's late. Sorry for the rant.)

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Re: Orbi Firmware Update Question

Thank you.


And yes; the Orbi ain't broke, but it's harder and harder to ignore repeated messages saying things like "urgent security update" or whatever.



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Re: Orbi Firmware Update Question

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